Monday, March 27th, 2017
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Towanda Borough Snow Emergency - Effective 10:00 P.M., Monday March 13, 2017:



Due to the winter storm warning currently in effect calling for expected heavy snow, as well as significant blowing and drifting, a Snow Emergency has been declared in Towanda Borough, beginning at 10:00 PM tonight (3/13/2017).

Due to the presence of snow along Borough streets from this major storm, it is imperative that on those streets designated by signs as Snow Emergency Routes, all vehicles must be immediately removed from the appropriate side of the street as follows to allow for snow removal and emergency vehicles to travel:

1. Second St., along its entire length on the West side.

2. Third St., along it’s entire length on the West side.

3. Orchard St., along it’s entire length on the West side.

4. Ward Ave., along its entire length on the South side.

5. Chestnut St., along it’s entire length on the North side.

6. N. Main St., along it’s entire length on the West side.

Once these sides are plowed, vehicles may move back to allow the other side to be plowed.

Additionally, all owners of vehicles in the Borough are asked to immediately remove their vehicles from the street if off-street parking space is available.

In the downtown area, vehicles must be removed from the on-street parking areas where the snow is 4 inches deep or more and signs are placed that state this. Once snow is removed from these areas to less than 4 inches, vehicles may return.

This snow emergency will remain in effect until the storm is over and the streets and parking areas are clear.

Vehicles left in violation of this proclamation and ordinance will be subject to fines and/or towing with costs.

Borough residents are also reminded that snow may not be placed or dumped into the street and that snow must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after the snowfall has ended.

Garrett Miller, Mayor

Towanda Borough















Welcome to Historic Towanda Borough

 Towanda Borough was incorporated in 1828 from Towanda Township.  The area of the Borough was first settled in 1784 although its early growth was quite modest.  There were seven families in 1812, twelve families in 1816 , thirty families by 1820 and about fifty by 1830.  The first settler was believed to be William Means who married Elizabeth Fox, daughter of Rudolph Fox of Towanda Township.  In 1812 upon the organization of Bradford County, commissioners were appointed to locate a county seat.  They apparently settled upon the current courthouse square in Towanda as a location close to the geographic center of the county  and conveniently situated to the stream valleys of Sugar, Towanda and Wysox Creeks and the Susquehanna River.    


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