Saturday, June 15th, 2024
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Towanda Borough Public Works

General reminder that is that time of year again to keep properties mowed and trimmed. All property owners shall be responsible for the removal, cutting, or disposal and elimination of weeds, grasses and rank vegetation or other uncontrolled plant growth on their property, which, is in excess of 10 inches in height.

Towanda’s Borough Manager is also requesting Borough residents not to mow or rake their cut grass into the streets.  This practice, in addition to creating an eyesore, causes serious flooding problems by clogging drain inlets and pipes as well as causing weeds to grow in the street gutters.  These problems eventually cost money to Borough taxpayers. The Borough Manager is requesting persons who hire someone to mow their lawns to instruct them to take care that no grass clippings get into the street and, if they do, to please remove them.  The Manager also noted this practice is a violation of a Borough ordinance and fines can be assessed against the property owner although the Borough would rather not resort to this measure.

Please help keep our community beautiful. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


Rental Inspection/Property Maintenance:

Barry Thrush
570-265-2696 Ext 108